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Review: Kids - A Dark Chapter Press collection of horror shorts

Kids - Alice J. Black,Stuart Keane,Michael Bray,Matt Hickman,Andrew Lennon,Chantal Noordeloos,David Basnett,Ryan C. Thomas,Jack Rollins,Mark Parker

My Rating:

Another great collection from Dark Chapter Press.

I tend to be over critical when it comes to short stories, I'm really fussy, but this is a decent collection and has something for every horror fan. There are quite a few 4 and 5 stars reads in this collection in my opinion but my favourite has to be Omens by Chantal Noordeloos, I'll definitely have to look into more of her work.

1 - Bad Little Boys go to Hell - James Walley - 3 stars

This was a good wee story, it created a feeling of isolation and I liked the twist at the end.

2 - The Bones of Baby Dolls - Fiend Gottes - 2.5 stars

I enjoyed this one but it felt a little choppy and was weirdly worded in places.

3 - The Boy in the Apartment - Josh Pritchett - 3 stars

An original little story although the dialogue a few times came across as rather Cor blimey old chap, almost fell down the old apple and pears, which didn't feel natural.

4 - Little Angel - Sharon Higa - 5 stars

This is one of my favourites from the collection. It gives the reader just enough to allow the imagination to fill in the gaps. Very creepy and ominous.

5 - The Apothecary's Hiccup - Douglas F Dluzen - 4 stars

I really enjoyed this one, it felt like a much longer complete story, a hard thing to do when writing a short story.

6 - Raw - Erica Chin - 2 stars

Wasn't really a fan of this one. It felt random and without reason.

7 - Twins - Andrew Lennon - 4 stars

One nasty child is bad enough, but two?!

8 - The Ladder - Pete Clark - 5 stars

Another one of my favourites from the collection, very imaginative and disturbing.

9 -Born Bad - Mark Parker - 4 stars

And I thought my neighbours were bad.

10 - Milk - Michael Bray - 5 stars

Revenge is a dish best served cold!

11 - Anna - Mathew Hickman - 4 stars

Another excellent story of revenge.

12 - Dig - Alice J Black - 3 stars

Decent enough story but I knew where it was going very early on.

13 - Omens - Chantal Noordeloos - 5 star

My favourite of the whole collection.

14 - The Box - Gary Pearson - 3 stars

Poor kid, no wonder he flipped.

15 - Social Sacrifices - Shawn Dixon - 2 stars

Not so keen on this one, the story was decent I just didn't like reading about the poor animals.

16 - The Butcher's Apprentice - David Basnett - 3 stars

Good little story but the accent thing felt a bit silly.

17 - The Seventy-Five Percent - Brian Barr - 3 stars

What a horrible opinionated man.

18 - Pregnant With Freedom - Christopher Ropes - 3 stars

That was rather bizarre.

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