2017 Canine TBR Jar Challenge

So, as I mentioned in my Best of 2016 post I have thrown all the names of the books on my shelves into a TBR jar and I'm having each of my dogs pick one from the jar when I need a new book.

I thought it would be fun to keep a tally of who picks what and what rating I give each when finished in order to see which dog has the better luck in picking good books. Maybe the dog with the best taste in books will get a little book charm for their collar at the end of the year, and a bone of course!

I did consider getting the two cats involved but my Bengal would pick the crappiest books on purpose just for the shits and giggles, and to spite me of course cus she's a little witch! The siamese wouldn't lower herself to choosing from a glass jar, it would have to be the finest crystal jar for her to even consider getting involved. So it's just the dogs, they are easy and will do anything for a treat lol.

The Exorcist - 5 star review
Middlesex - 2.5 star review
Kindred - 4 star review

 The Taxidermist's Daughter - 2 star review
 The Blood Gospel - 3.5 star review

Frozen Charlotte - 4 star review
The Neverending Story - 5 star review

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