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Review: Desolation by Kristopher Rufty

Desolation - Kristopher Rufty

Desolation by Kristopher Rufty

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I received a free copy of Desolation by Kristopher Rufty from Erin at Oh, for the Hook of a Book in return for an honest review and as part of the Hook of a Book Desolation blog tour of which my blog Scarlet's Web is taking part.

I'm generally not a fan of home invasion story lines, I have read so many that I have become bored with them. Most seem to merge into each other creating a been there read it already feel but I was completely drawn into this one right from the start. The chilling atmosphere and descriptive scenes really captured my attention, I could picture everything so clearly.

I initially picked up Desolation with the intention of reading a chapter or two before sleeping but ended up reading it in one sitting. It's a perfect mixed bag of suspense, tension, horror and chilling emotional scenes that will keep you turning the pages eager to know what happens next.

There are twists a plenty to be found here and some grisly goings on that will satisfy many a horror lover. But, at the same time it's a heartbreaking and emotional tale of revenge and loss and the two intertwine nicely to induce not only fear and anticipation but also heartbreak and sympathy for the characters within the story. It's quite a roller-coaster of a ride. One minute you're grabbing onto the rails dreading what's round the corner, the next you're reaching for the hanky and full of remorse for disliking the characters previously.

Definitely one I would recommend.


Desolation - Kristopher RuftyDesolation, Synopsis

Samhain Horror
PAGES: 266
ISBN: 978-1-619233-09-6
Trade Paperback (List: $15.95)

There’s no escaping your past. Especially when it wants revenge.

Grant Marlowe hoped taking his family to their mountain cabin for Christmas would reunite them after his alcoholic past had torn them apart, but it only puts them into a life and death struggle.  On Christmas Eve, a stranger from Grant’s past invades the vacation home and takes his wife and children hostage. His agenda is simple—make Grant suffer the same torment that Grant’s drunken antics have caused him. Now Grant must confront his demons head on and fight for his family’s lives. Because this man has nothing left to lose. The only thing keeping him alive is misery—Grant’s misery.


Biography, Kristopher Rufty

Kristopher Rufty lives in North Carolina with his wife, three children, and the zoo they call their pets. He’s written various books, including The Vampire of Plainfield, Jagger, The Lurkers, The Lurking Season, The Skin Show, Pillowface, Proud Parents, and more, plus a slew of horror screenplays. He has also written and directed the independent horror films Psycho Holocaust, Rags, and Wicked Wood. If he goes more than two days without writing, he becomes very irritable and hard to be around, which is why he’s sent to his desk without supper often. 


Praise for Kristopher Rufty

Kristopher Rufty is the demented reincarnation of Richard Laymon!” --Jeff Strand

A Dark Autumn is a wild gender role reversal of ‘I Spit On Your Grave,’ with gonzo nods to Norman Bates and ‘Friday The 13th’ thrown in for good measure. Kristopher Rufty delivers the goods yet again.” --Bryan Smith, author of Kayla Undead and The Late Night Horror Show

A creepy, gripping tale of horror. And it’s got one of the best death scenes I’ve read in a long time!” --Jeff Strand, author of Pressure and Dweller

A powerhouse debut novel. Rufty’s prose will suck you in and hold you prisoner!” --Ronald Malfi, author of Floating Staircase and Snow

An occult thriller with a new twist. Rufty juggles captivating characters, breakneck suspense, and insidious horror in a macabre story that will leave you feeling possessed by the end of it. Next time you think about taking that old Ouija board out...forget it!” –Edward Lee, author of Lucifer’s Lottery and City Infernal



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