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Review: RavenStorm Witches: A Coven of Bitches by Misha McKenzie

RavenStorm Witches: A Coven of Bitches - Misha McKenzie

RavenStorm Witches: A Coven of Bitches

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I received a free copy of RavenStorm Witches: A Coven of Bitches from the publisher in return for an honest review.

The RavenStorm Witches have taken the art of revenge to an all new level. Hilarity ensues when Maeve and the rest of her Coven take on the liars, manipulators, and bullies who’ve hurt or betrayed their loved ones. And for those needing a little something extra… there’s always the stock from the better-off-dead potions cabinet.

I initially picked this one up because I'm a sucker for any story that has witches and on reading the blurb it sounded like it would be a fast and funny read. To a certain extent it was but it quickly became very repetitive.

It was more like I was reading a series of mini TV sketches rather than a novel. If The Good Witch and Bewitched had a baby, this would be the result. It's far too repetitive, the same thing happens each chapter: A member of the coven seeks revenge on someone and teaches them a life lesson. Each time Sheva sneaks behind the back of the rest, although they know she's doing it, and uses a potion from the better-of-dead cabinet. The victim suffers for a bit with some embarrassing, humorous, malady and then all of a sudden turns a new leaf.

Don't get me wrong, it has it's humorous bits but they are ruined because it's so predictable, outside of the malady you know what's going to happen in each case. I didn't hate it, I did get a few chuckles out of it but I don't think it works as a novel. It would be more enjoyable released as a set of individual shorts, there just isn't enough of a story to get your teeth into outside of the different revenge scenes for it to be a complete novel.

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